In a recent interview on Jambo Radio, co-authors of the empowering book ‘Our Stories Told by Us: Celebrating the African Contribution to the UK HIV Response’ shed light on their journey, challenges, and the importance of sharing narratives.

During the radio interview, the co-authors expressed their passion for changing narratives surrounding African people living with HIV. “We wanted to change those narratives and showcase our resilience over the years,” noted Winnie Ssanyu-Sseruma. The book, a first of its kind, amplifies African voices and addresses the lack of positive representation in the media.

The co-authors highlighted the challenges faced during the project, including time constraints and overcoming stigma. Despite these hurdles, the book stands as a testament to their determination and the collaborative efforts of the African community and allies.

“Our Stories Told by Us” serves as more than a historical account; it’s a tool for education and inspiration. The authors hope the book will ignite conversations, dispel myths, and provide a platform for underrepresented voices. As Angelina Namiba stated, “We are already achieving it by igniting conversations.”

This insightful interview on Jambo Radio not only spotlighted the book but also showcased the resilience and commitment of the co-authors in rewriting the narrative surrounding HIV in African communities.

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