“Our Stories Told By Us” contains a vivid tapestry of stories about HIV.  The book shares narratives that transcend the pages, celebrating the power of friendship, community, and the African contribution to the UK HIV response. Launched in May with a limited first run, the book, now available in various editions, spans over 250 pages adorned with uniquely designed African prints, offering a unique perspective on the HIV journey.


The Lancet’s review of Our Stories Told By Us, delves into the notable HIV book’s pivotal role in capturing the narrative of UK’s African HIV networks. Recognizing the disproportionate number of Black Africans living with HIV in Britain, the book fills a historical gap by providing autobiographical essays that spotlight the creators of this critical sector. The Lancet emphasizes the value of these stories being told in the authors’ own words. For Lancet HIV subscribers, the full review is accessible for subscribers at The Lancet HIV.

link: Our Stories Told By Us book review in The Lancet


The review by Simon Collins from HIV i-Base commends the book’s compilation of experiences from these prominent HIV advocates. The authors, hailing from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, draw inspiration from years of mutual support and a virtual reading group during COVID. Their decision to share personal experiences unites their contributions, reflecting the strength of their friendships. For over two years, the group meticulously gathered stories from diverse African communities, covering life before and after arriving in the UK and learning about HIV status. The book sheds light on the resilience needed to overcome stigma, both in the UK and their home countries, emphasizing the freedom of deciding to live openly. Collins encourages attendance at talks organized across the UK or initiating one, underlining the transformative power of these narratives. The website, inclusive of related news and podcasts, provides direct links to purchase from various platforms.

link: Simon Collins’ Our Stories Told By Us book review, visit HIV i-Base

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