The Association of Narrative Research and Practice hosted a colloquium with the co-authours of Our Stories Told By Us bringin together a diverse panel of experts to discuss how the book came about, and the place of stories within the book and in their work.

Co-authors Angelina Namiba, Charity Nyirenda, Rebecca Mbewe and Winnie Sseruma are joined by Elisabeth Crafer (ex-CEO, Positively UK), Sanny Muluable (University of Zambia) and Simone Peters (University of Cape Town)

Four co-authors reflect on:

  • Why this book? Why now? And the contributors (Angelina Namiba)
  • The artwork in the book – how the book’s visual stories came together (Charity Nyirenda)
  • The process of bringing together stories, poems and postcards in the book (Rebecca Mbewe)
  • Why the book focused on stories; the issues of who owns and tell stories (Winnie Sseruma)

The book’s significance is discussed further by Elizabeth Crafer, speaking from the UK context; Sanny Mulubale, from Zambia, and Simone Peters, from South Africa.

Watch the full online seminar on YouTube