Priscilla Nkwenti

Priscilla recently retired as CEO of BHA for Equality (former Black Health Agency) in Manchester, UK, after nearly three decades of working at the organisation in different capacities. Priscilla initially joined as a volunteer and over the years rose through the ranks to become CEO.

She contributed to the development and geographical expansion of the organisation at local, regional and national level, making BHA one of the leading Third Sector organisations championing and leading on health inequality issues. At international level she championed and promoted sexual inequalities presenting at various conferences and seminars.

Priscilla arrived in the UK from Cameroon to study and earned her under graduate degree in Library Sciences. She eventually settled in the UK after getting married. Her other work involves working for the Manchester City Council and the Church of England as a community development worker.

Priscilla also has a Masters in Information Technology and a PhD in Epidemiology and Health Sciences